We have only a couple of special programs, but a wide open array of Special Options.  We love to work with people to craft just that special gift basket for weddings, birthdays and other occasions.  One of our special offerings is the "Green Welcome Basket" which includes items from our Surfing Goat Sanctum selection. 

Log of Soap

Log of Soap


Have you discovered your Perfect Surfing Goat Soap?  Do have a bar you want to share with your friends and family but want to save your bar for yourself?  If so, check out our Log Option.  

We'll make a special log of soap, which results in 24 bars of soap, cut, but not wrapped, so you can wrap them as you want to, OR save the paper and keep it plain. 

We need at least a month's notice to make that soap log for you, so please plan ahead, but we love making them for people!

Dream Wraps & Pillows 

Custom Made Dream Pillows
Have a special person you want a pillow made for? You can guide us to a fabric, or provide it yourself. We'll make the pillow and two pillow cases, if you'll provide 2 yds of material. 

Price $10/pillow   $15/wrap 


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