At a market in 2016 a new customer tried our WonDoeFull  Cream on one hand, and then walked away from the table. She came back a few minutes later smiling "Look, you can see the difference! This hand is so smooth, and the wrinkles have gone away!"
She stayed by the table and was a walking advertisement.  
Thanks Julia!

What did the goats teach me about Magnesium?  

  I had heard about magnesium deficiency, which has been found to be a problem with people who suffer from depression, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps and other problems.  How each of us deals with our trace minerals is an individual thing, but when I first heard about magnesium cream I thought it was a scam. 
  Then I thought about it. My goats have lived on the same land for 20 years.  At the beginning they were taller than they are now, and despite improved diet, management and careful breeding, each generation seems to be getting smaller. Not usually a problem for a "dwarf" breed, but I want to be able to help my does deliver and if they are too small, I can't.   Then I thought about how the soil brings nutrients to the animals, and that over time, the soil gets depleted. The goats' hooves are porous, so they can pick up their minerals from the soil.  As a species humans have only worn shoes for a blip in our time line, so perhaps our shoe-wearing is effecting our mineral absorption.  Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, hence why Epsom salt baths are helpful, but the magnesium in our cream is a bit different, and more readily absorbed.  
  Just another lesson learned from the farm - thanks girls!

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