Welcome to Surfing Goat Soaps

Made from the milk of our 
Hames & Axle Farm Nigerian Dwarf Goats with its extra rich milk, Surfing Goat Soaps has been helping the planet and people stay healthy since 2000.  Only essential oils, 
natural colorants are used in our soaps.  All our soaps are cured at least 4 weeks, to make sure they're gentle. Any preservatives in our other products are paraben free.

Looking for something special? Check out our Molded Menagerie of animals and fantasy creatures.  We also make custom soaps in a log, should you desire one.  Contact us at Farm@hamesaxle.com for more information. 

Soap Types
(These are our regulars.
There's always more under the tent. )

Brainfreeze (Patchouli & Spearmint)
Coffee Mint
Cool Running (Grapefruit & Spearmint)
FaceSaver (Lavender & Tea Tree)
 Lavender Oatmeal Honey
Lavender Lanolin
Lavender Mint
Spice (Patchouli & Clove)

ney Oatmeal Unscented
Sweet Unscented (Honey, no Oatmeal)


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