Our regular recipe with added lanolin and lavender to soothe the driest skin.  A great soap for the winter. 
Contains goat milk, RSPO palm oil, olive, safflower and canola oils.

Lavender Lanolin

  • Palm Free is another way that we are trying to save the planet.  Some of our soaps will use different oils, others will be called "Sustainable," because they use fat sources more related to the farm.  We heard our original customers who found relief in our original recipe, but we've added on other recipes to make an informed statement about alternatives.


    Palm oil was once something that was used only in cosmetics. But with the proliferation of cosmetic companies, and the search for a new fat that meets the transfat concerns, has made palm oil nearly everywhere. The problem with that is that in some parts of the country the rainforest which is home to the orangutan, the elephant, and many other species that only live in the rainforest, has been cut down and replaced by faster growing p palm oil.  We seek out sustainable, organic palm oil and are trying to build up our new Locavore line, that uses our own lard, or that of our neighbors. We just don't want to leave our loyal customers without the soap they love, so it has become a balancing act. One that we'll gladly take on, if it helps the Earth.


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