Do you have a special scent that you really like?  A particular favorite scent that we make? One that brings back family memories?  We'll make a special log of 24 bars just for you, cut it and ship it off when it's ready.  You can decide what you do with it, ie. keep it yourself, give it as a gift, or use it in gift baskets that you put together yourself.  All our scents are available, even our Annum batches, unless otherwise noted.  Unscenteds are available as well. Shipping and handling will be added to the price, too, so plan for that.  We can usually get them in a box that ships for $12.00.  Remember, all our soaps age at least a month, so plan ahead! 


* This soap is custom made for you, so with advance notice, it is always available.  Thank youi.

Log of Soap


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