Our dream pillows have always been popular, but we heard from several people that they wanted something they could wrap around their stiff necks or backs. Enter, our DreamWraps, which can also be used in a chair to warm a sore back.  Each wrap has six pockets which contain rice and flax seeds, lavender and chamomille. .  Helps you relax physically, and applies that heat and the relaxation from the herbs, directly to those stressed out muscles, but with aromatherapy to assist with the relaxation.   Length is approximately 27" X 4.5"   Size is approximate because these are all handsewn. Fabric will vary, but you can request a theme if you'd like. Just send me an email to Farm@hamesaxle.com.



Cool Cats
Mellow Cats
Black/White Flannel
Red/Black Flannel

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