Whole New World

I think it's ironic that here in 2020 we are being forced to look really hard at the world that we've built. Here at Surfing Goat Soaps it's really helped us refocus on our purpose and goals. Some big challenges face us, a new soap lab, a selling space at the farm, and ways to promote a healthy planet while our media seems to make a lot of money building fear, instead of cooperation. We're launching new "Corona" Line, which are soaps and other products that encourage us to be hygienic while also being sustainable. While we will be making a hand cleaner to use in those times when there's no rinsing involved, we're also making new travel and kid soaps to give people options for personal travel soaps. We will be shifting our packaging to a more rigid half box, cutting down on our need to create individual wrapping for every soap, but also giving you more reliable areas to hold the soaps. Though the government says "no reusable bags," we say "Less Plastic is Still Vital" We'll be making our tote bags available, as well as small and large washable produce bags. We're returning to making laundry soap, using our own goat milk soaps as the base, and when possible, presenting our products in beautiful reusable glassware. When plastic is necessary, such as in travel sprays, we will have refills available in more sustainable packaging, hoping that you will refill your plastic bottles, instead of putting them into the recycling system which is currently broken due to international problems.

We also want to restate that our soaps are suitable for everyone, but we wholeheartedly ask that if you represent a part of the human race that struggles with special issues, such as dry skin or sensitivities, PLEASE reach out to us and let us know how we can help. If you have found a particular product already in our offerings that has been very helpful, share it with us by email, Facebook, Twitter or a phone call. We cannot make any claims, due to laws, but you can brag! We just can't. And to underline our theme of a whole new world, here's a whole new baby that was born at Hames & Axle Farm this month! We're just getting started, so stay tuned for more baby pictures as we celebrate "The Flowing of the Milk," that we need so much! Take care and Stay Well

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