Welcome an Alien in Your Home!

Our little town is a quiet place, but back in 1967 it was the site of an alien abduction investigation. Lights are seen in the night sky that don't correspond to aircraft in the area, even now. There are books about these visitations, but we found a little visitor that other don't know about - the Ashburnhamster. Rather than capture these frightened little creatures, we made a soap in their honor. Bring your own Ashburnhamster into your home. I don't know what happened on the spaceships, but these little cuties are larger versions of hamsters, almost the size of a guinea pig, but with VERY different eyes. To make sure you don't forget where the Ashburnhamsters are, we've branded them with

our town's name against their soap little tushies. Surfing Goat Soaps' goat milk soap is the only ingredient in these little "rodents," so they are great for your skin. If you just want them to watch your household, that's fine, but we find they are happier when they are helping people. We are now taking orders for Ashburnhamsters for Christmas 2020. You will only be able to find them at two places, this website, or Creative Connections, a marvelous gift gallery in Ashburnham's downtown. Each soap is $10, and since they are each individual, they will have their own unique sensibilities. Each soap purchased helps area non-profits, such as the town playground fund, and the Ashburnham Conservation Trust. Orders will close on Halloween, so get your order in now! If you live near Ashburnham, free delivery is available. If not, we will ship them out for a flat rate of $8.00, regardless of how many you purchase. 2020 may be a year you'd like to forget, but these Ashburnhamsters will leave you with a smile for the year.

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