Wash Local!

People are justifiably concerned about Covid 19, but you don't need industrial cleaners to clean your hands and home. Our soap, and those of other soapmakers around the world, will break that lipid barrier around the virus and destroy it. Washing it off and you'll be moisturizing at the same time. There are many essential oils that have shown themselves to be anti-viral or anti-bacterial in traditional medicine, so do some research and work with your local soapmaker. While the media promotes Target and Walmart, CVS and Walgreens, those are also high traffic areas, so if you want keep safe distancing, think about your local shops and makers. I know I deliver to Ashburnham and other adjacent towns free of charge, but we can also mail them to people so they literally come to your door. This is a chance to rebuild our society, being more self-reliant, connected to our neighbors, and living our life with more knowledge. Turn this tough time into an inspiring one as we rebuild the economy and the country that built this world.

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