Building Our New World

When I wrote the last blog post I had no way to know how much we are going to have to build a new world. Boy do we ever! We're looking at ways that we can reach our community without craft fairs, without unnecessary travel and with the information that we all need to make great choices. This blog will be part of that, but so will additional enewsletters, and videos on YouTube and the websites for both the farm and the soaps. So many of our worries are based upon people not having the basic information about how science and nature work, and we can help with that. We're working toward setting up a respite site at the farm so people who need to take a step out of their homes, but not into society, or medical professionals who just need to relax and breathe deeply without a mask, can do so at Hames & Axle Farm. It won't be ready until 2021 unfortunately, but we're working on it.

We're building additional barns for the goats so that we can provide low stress housing for our retiring "old goats," (Dave's retiring too, but he doesn't have to move to a barn :) and have room for year round kidding. We're in the thick of kidding right now, so soap making is taking a step back so that kids like the nine that were born yesterday, can grow strong legs for surfing.

I think the way forward for us all to reconnect as members of the planet's neighborhood, getting to know our neighbors large and small, building human connections between us people-folks, and growing opportunities to support each other. We are SO appreciative of all of our customers who have kept supporting Surfing Goat Soaps at Hames & Axle Farm with your purchases, your emails and Facebook comments and your referrals.

I mentioned last blog post about our Corona line, and we have started it. But we realized in looking at what we need, that we already have a lot of it in our offerings. Our soaps cut the viral barrier that destroys the infection. Our essential oils bring stress relief and provide "viral nasty," disincentives by filling the air with floral properties that viruses dislike. We will be adding, for the holidays, washable sleeves for the dream pillows and wraps, and we're creating our own Surfing Goat Soaps fabric line for people to purchase online only. Curetnly I raid my "fabric stash" to see what I have to sew with, which makes it difficult to display online. But with this fabric people will be able to see what they are purchasing. Don't worr,, the themed fabrics will be available for in person events (when they happen,) and if you have a request for one, as always, just send me an email ( and I'll find a fabric that will make you smile.

Enough of my words. I'll end this with a picture of some of our new babies that have enriched our lives in recent months. It's been a busy time around the farm.

These babies move to their new homes next week, making way for the new kidling crop that is waiting their turn. We love baby season!

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