Taking a New Direction at Home - Produce Bags

Part of our new Sanctum line is our Produce Bags. I'm sure you've seen some on the 'Net or at stores. What makes ours different?

First of, they're made of 100% cotton, or hemp. We recognize the fancier ones are more eye-catching, but they are made with nylon or polyester, or just plain plastic. Yes, you can reuse those, but then what? You may have cut down on some plastic in the landfill, or the ocean, but you could use cotton, or hemp, and you'll leave nothing behind, not even a strong. I confess, the thread in the hem is polyester, and we're working to get cotton thread in the near future. But this thread will be used by animals in their nests, and is so breakable that it's not likely to cause an animal any harm. I'll be thrilled when we have the cotton thread, but we have to start somewhere.

What else makes them different? They aren't made by underpaid people in sweat shops, or by robots; just by a farm'her' in her attic. The fabric may have travelled overseas, and we'll find a source as soon as we can that's in North America. But once the fabric got to Hames & Axle Farm it got turned into something useful, and biodegradable.

So why not use the ones at the store? That plastic film provided by the store is petroleum based, which means the oil had to be brought from the ground, processed into a finished oil and then processed into plastic film. It may be lightweight and convenient, but we all know how it flies when there's a breeze. It won't decompose, and it traps moisture in the bag, fostering bacteria and mold. Our cotton bags allow your items to breathe. Vegetables are best used when fresh but how many of us have found the veggies have gone bad before we got to them. In a cotton bag we will be less likely to forget about them.

These bags are reusable, washable, biodegradable and come in two sizes. There's no zipper, but there's a pull tie, without a plastic tab. Even the stamp is a pigment, not a chemical dye. Our small produce bag is 14" in size made of a stretchable cotton gauze. The larger one is 16" across and considerably deeper than the small, made from unbleached muslin. They are all handsewn, so there is some variance, but they are plenty big, and deep, in the case of our large bag.

You can buy these produce bags, with soap or without, at www.surfinggoatsoaps.com. They are also part of our New Directions Pack, where you'll get a small and a large, along with a dryer ball, a bar of soap, a SeaBees food wrap and a cotton wrap to use as a pouch, or a bread cover, or any other use you can dream up. The prices are as follows. Small - $2.00/each $5.00/3 plus shipping and handling Large - $3.00 each plus shipping and handling New Directions Package $23.00 plus shipping and handling In the case of the bags alone, a few of them will fit in an envelope and will ship for $3.00. So next time you go to the farmer's market, or the grocery store, bring your own produce bags. Wash them, dry them, and reuse them, over and over. When you're done, just add them to your compost and give them to disappear. The Earth will be able to breathe better, and you'll save money, land and who knows what animal life. Thanks!

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