New Direction for New Year!

Now that we're past 2018's markets, we're preparing for a new year. As you know I've always been about the planet, and the land, and not really about commercial beauty products. So, to make that even more obvious Surfing Goat Soaps and Sanctum is making some changes.

First, there's our packaging. We won't be shrink wrapping anymore, unless you specifically request it. Why? Because though we use bio-degradable film, it still is plastic and the world needs less of it than more. Also, we've discovered that given the higher humidity that New England experienced all summer and fall, we've had problems with mold growing in the wrapped bars. This didn't happen before we started shrink wrapping. While others may feel comfortable using preservatives, we don't, and only use it when we actually have to, such as in our WonDoeFull Balm. That recipe requires a little help, but we'd like to minimize preservative use as much as we can.

We also are phasing out our plastic jars, switching over to glass. We know that means our packages will be heavier, making them more expensive to ship, but glass is endless recyclable, and comes from a natural source. Plastic is not natural, nor is it endlessly recyclable. Also, China is refusing most of our plastics because they are not clean enough. We'll include a pamphlet explaining how to clean the jars, so they are more acceptable to the recyclers. We will also be placing our jars into boxes, to provide a cushion in the shipping, and to make our information easier to read.

In addition, our Sanctum line is going to be more readily available. These products are made here at the farm giving people options that are healthier for the Earth, and their families. We started with our New Directions Pack this Christmas, but more about that later.

We're also cutting back on the numbers of soap types that we offer, though that may grow back as we try new things. We've currently got several types of soap that we like, but our customers haven't discovered. So instead of risking wasted oils, or idle stock taking up space away from new adventures in soapmaking, we're going to cut back on our offerings. If you have a type that we you want to protect, please let me know ( . We're also working even more to tie the farm to our soap, so people recognize that their choices have consequences or benefits, beyond themselves. Why? Because our planet can't wait for big business to make changes, we all need to demand them, or support those producers who do keep the planet in mind.

Stay tuned, and if you have any ideas of things we can include in our offerings, please let me know. Thanks so much for your support.

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