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I'm so happy I have gotten to meet so many good people who support our farm through our soap. Looking at what's happening to our nation's economy can be really scary, but I'm heartened by the support people have for their neighbor. Though I live in a small town, last month's initial farmer's market showed me how many people have been finding Surfing Goat Soaps at area stores, like Horse & Buggy Feeds in Winchendon and Creative Connections in Ashburnham, or Mill #3 in Fitchburg. But what I appreciate the most are the references that we get from our customers. Even on the train to Boston my husband is approached by people who have discovered Surfing Goat Soaps and told their relatives about it. We're starting to become known for our product, and for our goats, which makes us so happy!

So what does that mean to the planet? We are striving to find sources for more of our raw materials, such as lard from either our own pigs or from Wind Eagle Farm in Westminster, MA. Our milk and honey already come from Hames & Axle, but we're hoping next year's beeswax will be somewhat sourced from our own hives too. Though I'm much better at raising goats than I am at raising herbs (because the goats are always reminding me that they are here :) , I am striving to grow and infuse more of our own herbs for next year's soaps and beyond. We've also started purchasing more of our oils in bulk from Massachusetts and New Hampshire sources where we can drive to pick it up instead of waiting for it to ship, and tacking the price of shipping into the price of the soap.

One of the comments we've received from one of our customers that they are happy that our goat kids remain with their mothers until it's time to be weaned. I'm glad that people notice our management, and that people are supporting the management that they believe in. Most farms separate mothers from their kids to protect the offspring from being infected with one of the many contagious diseases that kids can get from their mother's milk. Our herd has always tested clean for those diseases, so that allows me to let the dam's do the mothering, but I respect those other farms who make other choices.

We're making some big steps this coming summer, stretching our definition of "local" to include Boston. If you want to find us we'll be at the Eddy in late August and on Boston City Plaza for the Green Festival on August 4. Stay tuned to the website, or our Facebook page if you're on FB. Thanks again for all your support!

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