Announcing The Sanctum!

Our customers have shown us how much they appreciate our soaps, which inspires me to keep going. But with the planet in the shape that it's in, and the attitude our current Administration has toward the Earth, I really have needed to find a way to get back to my roots - helping people live more gently on the planet.

Purchasing from Surfing Goat Soaps at Hames & Axle Farm you are already contributing to a lower carbon footprint by putting your money into supporting a regenerative farm, a small business, and one that uses sustainability ideas in our procedures. Our soaps contain only essential oils, natural products, and no excess chemicals that aren't found in nature. Our packaging is minimal, recyclable or reusable, right down to our shrink wrap which is highly biodegradable. But we are working to do more - hence the Surfing Goat Sanctum!

We want to help our customers create a healthier, more natural home, by shifting their thoughts from convenience and consumption to conservation and consideration. We are now offering Dryer Balls, individually or in packages of 3. The packages of three will be shipped in a reusable drawstring bag, to cut down on gift wrap and solid waste headed to the landfill. Our bags are made here at the farm, by hand, with 100% cotton fabric for both the lining and the outer bag. The wool used in the dryer balls comes from Hum Hollow Farm, a small sheep operation in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, owned by my sister, Sharon Garland.

We have also started making Sea Beez Food Wraps, which are cotton food wraps coated in beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin. This keeps them air tight, moisture resistant, a little sticky, and totally washable (in the sink, not the washer) allowing users to cut back on the plastic bag use. If they don't appear sticky enough for you to trust, just wrap them with a shoelace. We don't attach a shoelace because we are concerned about hygiene after washing. Getting the dirt out of the closure could be a challenge, but we trust your own ingenuity!

We still have our wooden soap dishes, sealed with beeswax and orange oil, and our 100 % soap sacks, to keep the soap from slipping out of the hand. But we're always looking for other ways we can bring the farm to your home.

Having a healthy home doesn't have to rely on harsh chemicals or expensive products. We charge only what we have to in order to oay for the materials and the time needed to make the products for you. Please visit our Sanctum Page and see what we have for you! Keep us in mind when you're thinking about that next housewarming gift, host gift, or just for a nice gesture. Let us know what you think about our Surfing Goat Sanctum! Thanks,

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