Give with the Planet in Mind

We have always tried to be kind to the planet, as we learn more about the state of the Earth, the more we need to "step it up." You'll find a new expanded "Locavore Line," with our own homegrown lard in place of the palm oil from jungles overseas. We use wool from Hum Hollow Farm, in naturally found colors, for our new dryer balls, all felted at Hames & Axle Farm. We're starting a new hive this spring, so with any luck we'll be using our own beeswax for our own "SeaBeez Wraps," an alternative to plastic wrap that can wind up in the ocean. We make them in four sizes; snack, sandwich, bowl or loaf sizes. Packages with one of each will also be available.

Indoor air quality is suffering from increased chemicals in air fresheners, dry sheets, carpeting and more. Surfing Goat Soaps from Hames & Axle Farm uses only essential oils, and in the future, infusions and hydrosols made here at the farm. We don't use any chemical scents in any of our products, so they are safe for use by and around those with chemical sensitivities. More is coming up, so stay tuned to this website and our occasional blog to see what else our little farm is doing to make your world cleaner and better! Thanks for following us, Tell your friends and family oK?

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