Simplify and Smile!

Starting now Surfing Goat Soaps is going to focus on Comfort and Joy. For us that means making the planet comfortable, but also making sure that our customers have access to a means of relaxation - our soaps, our cream, and our dream pillows.

The world is so full of anxiety right now; changes moving so quickly into unknown directions, we want to provide you with some reliable, healthy ways to relax. Our soaps with the great milk from our goats. The oils from the planet, increasingly coming from our own farm. For those times when you need a little warmth on a sore spot, or a cool place to rest your hard working head, our pillows will offer you that option.

So take a breath, draw a bath, heat a pillow, and relax with your Surfing Goat Soap or DreamPillows. Let your joy chase the troubles away.

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