More than Just Food

We at Hames & Axle Farm are so proud to have a value added product that we can provide to our customers - Surfing Goat Soaps. Lately there has been a big push to support local farms, which I'm delighted at, but they come from the foodie aspect, not the consumer. Farms like ours make soaps, others raise wool for sweaters and blankets, or fiber such as alpacas. There are others who raise bees for beeswax, as well as honey. Farmers provide so much more than food. But there's another gift that farmers give everyone, for free. It's fresh air, especially here in New England. Most of our farmers are small scale, at least not on the scale of those in the Mid-west. Using sustainable approaches farms actually keep carbon in the soil, and out of the atmosphere. Sustainable farms provide clean water through filtration by the soil and the plants. Growing things actually cleans the air, that we all benefit from.

Many people see a small farm and see Old MacDonald, I know I did. But in reality, farms like ours are little factories for a stronger planet. Your choice to support Surfing Goat Soaps provides the fuel to keep our little sustainable farm working, our goats providing milk and compost, and avoiding the use of chemicals.

Thank you so much for your support. We're rolling out the new Holiday molds, soon, and I've added a couple new things to our Household section - Homewarmer Packets to bring a pleasant aroma to your home, and Beeswax wraps, to cut down on the plastic used in preparing meals and saving left overs. Check them out starting Monday, when I've had a chance to update the site. Thanks, Pat

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