Where'd that name come from?

We hear lots of questions about the name of our soaps. We've even heard from other companies that want the name. But here's the story behind it. This is Rosasharn Hames Wonder,

She was the first kid born to Hames & Axle Farm, and she taught us SO MANY things. Along with the fact that she taught us how great mothers these little goats can be, she also taught us how smart they are. Wonder lived with her mother and brother, Brickle the pygmy goat, and two sheep, in a boarded stall in a barn across town from our house, when we first started the herd. The stall had housed horses before, so the height of the stall walls didn't matter to them. But it does with goats. Wonder learned to jump on the back of the sheep, and steered them to the low spots in the stall walls. It was still to high for the sheep to jump out, but it was just the right size for a little doeling to jump off the sheep, and out of the stall. She would then run around the barn screaming for the owner of the barn to let her back in with her mother. We would then plug that hole in the fence, and she'd find another, and repeat the process. When she finally taught her mother, Onyx, to surf the sheep, we decided it was time to move. Fortunately, we had already built our barn in Ashburnham, and the family moved out here. Wonder lived here for 14 more years, until we lost her. But she's not forgotten, and the hand creams are our way of keeping her life going in a new fashion.

I've been working for years to find the right recipe for a hand lotion, but because our milk is so rich, it always came out as a cream. So, finally, with a little more tweaking, I gave up and let Wondoeful cream be! I hope you enjoy the cream, and the story behind Surfing Goat Soaps!

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