Countdown to 2018

I love the fall. The crisp air, the smell of grilling, not really the smell of the bucks, but the boys do remind me to really step up the production.

We've launched our new Locavore line with Freshender and Lavender. We'll be adding to this line as soon as I can get more lard rendered down. But we're also offering several new molded soaps from the Menagerie and the Geek Line. We've got Scottie, German Shepherd and "Mop Dog" soaps, which could be either Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Terriers, or even Skye's.

I've really picked up the production of our Wondoeful Hand Cream, and will gladly make some that are unscented for those with lavender issues.

Plus, our pillow line has expanded. We have the regular dream pillows (photos coming soon) and Neck Wraps (promise a photo is coming) and now our House Warmers. These little pillows, also filled with rice and flax, come with three sachets of natural scents. Warm the pillow up, put the sachet of your choice in, and tie the pillow up, and you'll have a wonderful aroma naturally provided to your house. Because of the extra work and expense in these little pillows, they will be the same $10 price as the other dream pillows, but also come in a cotton bag to keep everything together, and clean.

We've also added pillow cases for our regular dream pillows, asking $4.00 for them, as they are handsewn and washable. We'll have all these on our Gifts and Crafts page by the first of October so you can see them for yourself.

Stay tuned to the website for more information as new soaps roll off the shelves and into their wrappings. We're doing several markets this season, and are having our first Mad Hatters' Tea Party with Goats, on Oct. 15, so you can see the soaps at that event as well.

Thanks for following Surfing Goat Soaps. Let us help you shrink your carbon foot print by using our tiny goat's hooves to provide you with great skin!

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