In to the Soap Sales Season

This is the time of year we love. The air is crisp, the bucks are singing,

we start planning for new babies, and I get to roll out the new and old favorite soaps.

This was our first year selling our new line of Locavore Soaps, and they have been a big hit. Instead of using Palm Oil, which is contributing to the deforest of jungles and rainforest, we use our own home grown lard. These early batches came from Porcetta and Beans, our first two pigs. We'll also be using lard from other neighboring farms, but in the future we'll have more home grown lard again. We'll be expanding the Locavore soaps in the future, so we can keep spreading the word about informed choices.

We'll keep making our regular soaps too, but only using the sustainable and organic palm oils that we've been using. I believe that paying people for practicing sustainable practices encourages sustainable practices more than just boycotting it.

Our Annum One soap, made with Jasmine absolut, sold out this year as well. This was the first of our Annum soaps, made New Year's Day, and aged an entire year before selling. Our Annum Two will be ready after January 1, 2018 and a new one will be aging. Why age that long? To allow the oils to blend and the soap to mellow longer making for a harder, milder soap. I haven't decided what Annum Three will be, but it will be a luxuriant soap using our goat's milk and other special oils. Stay tuned!

Don't forget your pets, and those office gifts, when your look through our site. We'll also have some special housewares, a Wool Wash, and some beeswax fabric wraps, as well as the goat milk candles. We're your very special shopping place for that very special person, and as always, your purchase helps us support our very loved, very special goats, who really appreciate your generosity. Thanks!

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