The Cat's Meow, Kind of

Last month I got a call about a cat that had found relief when her owner gave her a bath with our Shep's Suds soap. Knowing what was in it, I was pretty sure it was safe, but with cats baths are never a big favorite. She called me to say that the cat initially resented the water but once the suds reached her skin, the cat settled right down into the water and relaxed. The next morning, the cat's skin was much less inflamed. There had been some really bumpy, irritated skin that they had battled for a long time with. But the bumps were gone, with just one bath! The cat's coat was really soft, she wasn't crying like she usually did, and wasn't itching either. I was so glad that our little experiment had worked for her.

That same woman asked me if I made anything that might help without a bath and I said I would try. To me the milk is what's "magic" about our soap, but the essential oils probably helped too, though I couldn't make any promises. I made up a spritz with some gentle oils and left it for her to try, at no charge. She called me yesterday to say that it worked really well! I'm delighted that the old tricks that our ancestors used can still work. Having had a golden retriever with sensitive skin, I wish I had known what I know now to help Seeger. She would have loved it!

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