I Love Our Customers!

I just got a great phone call from someone that spoke to me at Not Just Produced, a store in Winchendon, MA who carries our pet products. She has a cat with serious skin issues, constantly uncomfortable, itchy with bumpy skin. She asked if the Winter Shep Sud's would work on her cat, and with most pet products, I would normally say that dog products are not compatible with cat products. They have very different metabolisms and needs. But our soap is a bit different.

Since I make it, and I know what's in it, and I happen to have both cats and dogs, I felt okay comfortable enough to say she could give it a try. I also told her about another product that I could try to develop that would help, using essential oils to soothe the skin. She was so desperate to help her cat, she decided to give it a try.

She just called me to say that she did try the soap with her cat, and it really helped! I am so happy we were able to help her kitty. The cat isn't not a fan of water, like most cats, but once she was in the water and the soap was applied, she began to lean into the pressure and relax.

The next morning, this little kitty who is very vocal, was no longer itchy, crying and the bumps on her back were gone! The combination of the milk, the oats and the lavender did their "magic" that has been used for centuries. All three of these natural ingredients have long been used to soothe irritated skin, on their own. Put them together with warm water, and apparently it did the trick for this little feline.

This is why we make soap. We love to help people, and to let others celebrate the gifts of nature from our little farm. I know people like to get things in their local stores, but personal connections between the customer and me, make these things possible. We will be at the Pet Expo in Boston this spring, with all of our pet soaps and products in tow. You don't have to wait until the Expo though, you can just call or email me, or use our website, and bring our soap's gifts into your home. I hope the Holidays have been good for everyone! Let's hope that 2017 is full of good graces and LOTS of patience! Thanks,


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