'Cause We're a Farm

Whenever I fill out an application for a market I always struggle with our name. Our business is Hames & Axle Farm (note the spelling, confuses people which confuses me.) But our farm sells soap and goats, along with other farm related by-products, so I don't give Surfing Goat Soaps top billing.

This makes it difficult when going to a market, as I never know whether we're listed by our last name, my first name, Surfing Goat Soaps or Hames & Axle. Life would be easier if we just changed the name of the farm, or set up a business called Surfing Goat Soaps, but I don't think life always has to easy.

Our soap exists because of the farm. It is what makes our soap different. I don't believe its my talent, or the oils that I use, except our precious goat milk. Our goats, on this land, are what makes our soap special. I don't want people to forget that.

We started this farm to teach people, especially kids, where their food comes from. The soap turned out to be an education for us as I realized that farms raise more than food. They raise fiber, wood, honey, and soap, along with many other items. But this past weekend I was reminded how important it is that we keep that mission in mind.

At a very nice market this past weekend I saw many parents and their children walking hand in hand talking about the farm goods on display. One pair, a mother and a son, really caught my eye. The little boy, less than 3 years old, saw our logo,

He pointed at the picture and said "baby," to which his mother answered "Yes, that is a sheep on a horse." Really? It was all I could do to not run after her and educate her properly. But that would have been unproductive and probably alienating. So, instead, I took a breath, made a mental note, and started composing this blog post. Why is it so important? Because we're a farm, not a soap company. We feel obligated to our animals, our land, the Earth, and to our customers, to treat everyone and everything as kindly as we can. Please, if you agree with this idea, help us promote that our farm is what matters, as much as your well-being. Thank you, and please remember, that's a baby goat riding on its mother, just like our Wonder used to do on our sheep. Goats are smart! and make wonderful soap, for you!

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