Setting a New Balance

Up until now our Surfing Goat Soaps was just something that we did with our milk. But that's changing, starting now. Now Surfing Goat Soaps is on a complex mission

1) to show that Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a great alternative toward making a small farm profitable. 2) to make it possible for our farm to continue while our farm family changes from one working off farm, one on farm and one in college. Life brings changes and retirement looms, as kids grow up and leave home. We must continue, despite these changes, but including the goats. 3) to help people find local alternatives to the products that they visit supermarkets for. We are not doctors, and make no claims, but it is possible to learn from traditions and friends to find solutions for your family. 4) to use sustainable solutions, such as RSPO Palm oil, our own lard, milk, herbs or honey, to create wonderful soaps and products for our customers.

We ask that if you've used our soaps before, tell others. If you haven't tried our soaps or products give us a try, and if you like them tell your friends. Our soaps last a LONG time, and we want you to get the full value for your purchase. Rather than on relying on quick turn over, or continually hitting our customers up for more sales, we ask that you help us by being part of our marketing team. More details to come, so keep checking back to the Balanced Goat for more information. We are also starting an email newsletter, so if you want to get notices of new products, sales and market locations, sign up on the website. Thank you, and thank you SO MUCH to those who have been our supporters from the beginning.

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