Corona Care 

Keeping clean and relaxed is important in staying healthy. Our soaps, creams and other products can help you, or
a loved one stay healthy.

We use only essential oils, no artificial fragrances or irritating ingredients.  We aren't doctors but we do believe that there are ways that we can help by making things available that build wellness for our community and planet. 

Our soaps work by breaking the lipid layer around the virus, allowing it to be destroyed and rinsed away.  Though we are making an herbal hand cleaner available we strongly believe that a soap and rinse product is better than a wipe and wear one.  

We also recognize that people are concerned about their homes, so we're making spa kits and cleaning products that help our customers be safer for themselves and less hospitable to the Covid-19 virus. This isn't specific to Covid-19  but works on a lot of harmful germs. 

We hope you find this helpful. If you have other ideas of ways we can help, just ask! We're open to trying.  
Take care and Stay Well!

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