Winter's Nearly Here!
(and the holidays too!

2019 has been a LONG year, and it's nearly over, but before that happens, we need to get through the Winter of 2019, Part II. Good thing the goats and I are here for you. Here are some of our new and old offerings, to get you through the cold and snow. 
I've also included some items available for gift giving, in case you're interested. 

In Honor of Old Goats
  (for those of us who have seen 
more than two dozen winters :))

Chami-Rub   - Our homemade CBD rub, combines the traits of emu oil and CBD with babbassu oil and essential oils, with beeswax to give it some solidness.   $12/1 oz tin

WonDoeful Balm   - The Surfing Goat Soaps answer to goat milk lotion, our cream soaks in quickly, leaving you moisturized without being greasy.    $7/2 oz jar

"WonDoeFul Balm is the best!" Esmerelda Goodshoes 

Mag Cream - This has been a surprise for us at Hames & Axle's Surfing Goat Soaps. A topical ointment to make magnesium available to a needy body. 
Comes in three sizes
$10/2 oz,   $19/4 oz,  $36/ 8 oz.

"I had to buy a second jar because my husband stole mine" Two different customers 

Don't Forget the Soaps
Lavender Lanolin
Legacy (made for older skin to
    help keep elasticity and softness)
Lavender Oatmeal Honey

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