kidlogoSurfing Goat Soaps
               from Hames & Axle Farm

Our goats milk soap is made in small batches to provide a natural alternative to commercial soaps. Nigerian dwarf goat's milk is high in butterfat and solids that have been known to soothe irritated skin.**

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 Where Can You Find Surfing Goat Soaps?

My Mommy taught me it's nice to share. So my brother and I,
along with our friends here at Hames & Axle Farm gladly share our Momma's milk with you, so you can have great soap!

Lucky Charm Kid soapfs

"You don't want to smell like me do you?
Pat has the secret, Surfing Goat Soaps!
The only bucks allowed are yours!
Thanks for feeding me though!"

Testimonials from our Customers!

    ** We are not doctors or medical professionals. We are farmers. Our suggestions are based upon comments from our customers
or from tradition, not from any formal tests. People who have a variety of medical conditions have found our soaps to be helpful
in keeping comfortable.


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